Sustainability is a central issue for the ROTHENBERGER GROUP

by Alexandru Zettl

Globalisation, climate change and social changes are the great challenges of our time. How does the ROTHENBERGER Group face these tasks as a globally active group of companies? This is shown in the sustainability report, which is available for the first time for the years 2021 and 2022. From now on, there will be a current sustainability report every year, which makes ROTHENBERGER's commitment to sustainability transparent with concrete examples, facts and figures.

The sustainability report provides concrete insights into numerous developments and change processes towards sustainability that have been initiated in the corporate group. The report on the years 2021/2022 provides an up-to-date insight into the six fields of action of our sustainability goals as the basis of our CSR strategy, representing many measures: human rights, customer concerns, environment, fairness, working conditions and social commitment.

Our main goal is climate neutrality by 2025. In addition, we are pursuing other ambitious goals and actions, such as social and corporate responsibility initiatives and investments in sustainable product and system solutions.

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