Founded in 1909, RÖHM is now one of the leading chucking tool manufacturers with a broad, high-performance product range:

Drill chucks, live centers, lathe chucks and vices, power chucks, cylinders and mandrels, tool clamping systems, gripping technology and a wide variety of special designs.

When it comes to efficient clamping devices, RÖHM is capable of offering everything the customer needs. To produce products that meet the highest expectations, all requirements from consulting to engineering and production and service are fulfilled right from the start. RÖHM is regarded as a driving force that has a decisive influence on how progress develops.

AUTANIA is a leading European machine tool group for high technology systems for complete machining and cold forming technologies.

The Companies of the AUTANIA AG

WFL is the global market leader for innovative complete machining called MILLTURN.

FRAI is an expert on machine automation solutions and robotic applications.

Profiroll is a world leader in high-precision cold forming machines and tools.

Zeulenroda is a traditional manufacturer of press and forming machines.

Unicom is a major manufacturer of precision gearboxes and components.

Autania is a specialized manufacturer of switchboards, mainly for the machine tool industry.