Compliance / Whistleblower protection

Our compliance organisation is alive and constantly updated. It includes, among other things, our codes of conduct for employees as well as for all our business partners and suppliers. Through continuous compliance training in our subsidiaries, the ethical values of our European family business are communicated worldwide. In addition, there are continuous internal control measures and regular audits to further optimise our internal processes.

As part of our compliance organisation, we have set up a whistleblower system to combat corruption and other white-collar crime. Dr. Caroline Jacob is the ombudswoman and ombudsperson and, if necessary, the lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert is available as a substitute. Both ombudspersons are available as contact persons to all staff members and, if necessary, to third parties who wish to submit a confidential report in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, i.e. in the case of a suspicion of a criminal offence or other misconduct. Likewise, information regarding human rights and environmental violations along the supply chains (by direct and indirect suppliers) can be reported to the ombudspersons. The same applies if there is a threat of such violations.

Our ombudsperson guarantees confidentiality and whistleblower protection through the lawyer's duty of confidentiality and the right to refuse to testify.

The identity of a whistleblower and/or the facts disclosed by the whistleblower will not be disclosed by the Ombudsperson under any circumstances unless the whistleblower expressly consents to this.

Contact details of the ombudspersons

Whistleblowers can contact Dr. Jacob and Dr. Buchert by telephone, fax, e-mail or post. The ombudspersons are also available to employees for advice and a personal meeting. There is no cost for employees to make use of their services.


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